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Rap Snacks #19 – Return Of Fernando Mania

Another video from one of the artists featured on Heroes 4 Hire’s “Sex, Drugs & Chopped Up Soul”, we bring you 2Mex’s “Return Of Fernando Mania”. It was crazy having 2Mex in the studio…he’s a maaad cool dude.

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Heroes 4 Hire

On a warm planet, close, close by, a powerful force was stirring in the underworld, patiently awaiting the time for it’s release. This force was to be realized in the epic pairing of Pale & Telly as the Heroes 4 Hire, and their quest for pure listening pleasure. As up and coming producers in the burgeoning music scene of Baltimore, they hope to attract eyes and ears to their diversely influenced brand of hip hop. Their debut album, “Sex, Drugs & Chopped Up Soul”, features a host of emcees from both their hometown and around the globe, demonstrating the broad reach of the Heroes’ sound. Ranging from fun to introspective, their style is both classic and trend setting.

You can check out the album sampler here:It features tracks from 2 Mex, Hezekiah, E Major, Illy Emcee, Nightwalker, and more.

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