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The Color Brown

I know we’ve been posting mad stuff about this dude lately, but the homie UllNevaNo’s “The Color Brown” mixtape is out now, and it is straight dope! Nothing but fire raps over Kev Brown beats, it’s definitely one to check out. I finally got a chance to sit down for a good listen to it today, and I had to repeat it…three times!

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The Homie UllNevaNo

So, the video for our homie UllNevaNo’s “Bright Sound” is out, presented by our good friends over at Undersound Music.  Be sure to catch his “The Color Brown” mixtape coming out reaaally soon, featuring a bunch of marvelous rapping over Kev Brown beats.  Be sure to notice the two dudes standing to the left side of the screen in the video as well…they are important here!

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Rap Snacks #17 – Who’s That?

Another MD favorite, Kev Brown took his flavors to the west coast to collab with LMNO for some underground goodness a couple years ago in the form of the album “Selective Hearing”.

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