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Black Milk Behind The Scenes

Another favorite, Black Milk has been putting it down for a good bit now, since back in the early Slum Village days.  He’s grown by leaps and bounds to become one of the top rapper/producers in the game.  A little glimpse inside the process:

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Madlib at work

From a film called “Brasilintime”, this is an interesting 2 minutes. Not only do we see Madlib at work, but also the long haired guy has some good stuff to say about the place of drum machines in music.

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Illy – Living In The Moment


Destroying trends, smashing through competition, and perfecting the art of being, Illy emcee’s album “Living in the Moment” is here to forge ahead, and rearrange the current sound of hip-hop. Geared towards the educated consumer, this album is laced with engaging lyrical content and rock solid production.

Working with German based hip-hop phenom, Minnox, as well as Philly based artists, Dstar, J Smooth, and Ducketts; Illy focuses on bringing back quality and creativity to music. The album is available for purchase, check the ’sounds like’ section.

01    We Must Innovate (Minnox)
02    You Don’t Know (J Smooth)
03    Solitude (Minnox)
04    2005 (Minnox+Illy+Ducketts)
05    Time and Error (Minnox)
06    Ill Street Bluez (Illy+D Coletrane)
07    The Fear (Minnox)
08    Art of Being (D Star)
09    Clouded Vision (Minnox)
10    Brunch with Hefner (Minnox)
11    Thats Hot (Minnox+P Hilton)
12    Fuck Your Thoughts (Doc Strange)



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